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Youth Soccer Formations for 5-a-side competitions

There are many Youth Soccer Formation as you will no doubt know.

5-a-side games tend to be very fast paced and all players are involved for nearly every part of the game.

5-a-side games are particularly good for younger players as they will get a lot of touches of the ball and a lot of involvement in a game.

In 5 a side competitions, including Futsal and indoor soccer, there are generally 2 formations that used, one for attack and one for defense.


Attacking Formation in 5-a-side game

When attacking the best formation is a diamond, or a 1-2-1 formation.That is

  • One central defender
  • Two wide midfielders
  • One central striker

The object is to play the ball to the central strikers’ feet who lays the ball off to either of the wide midfielders, who will have a shot on goal towards the far post.

The non receiving midfielder makes a run to the far post to pick up the scraps from the shot on goal.

Defending Formation in 5-a-side game

When defending the best formation is a 3-1 formation.That is

  • Three defender (one central, two wide)
  • One central striker

The object is to for the central defender to mark the oppositions central striker with the wide defenders offering support to the central defender and provide cover for balls played wide.The central striker should remain forward to ensure that the opposition keep a defender back.

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